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Network Marketing..are you kidding me?

February 8, 2018



I never sold anything in my life.  I never wanted to sell anything in my life.  So why did I land in Network Marketing with doTERRA.  After all, isn't it just a pyramid scheme?


I'm similar to a lot of  women my age:  I've raised  kids, I have a good education, I've worked myself up through corporate America and I've even done a few entrepreneurial ventures.  I've also spread myself very thin.  I raised those  kids on my own for 8 years, I worked 3 jobs at one time, I was an adult youth leader at my church, I served on the volunteer committee for my son's gymnastic team, I coached my daughters softball team, and I worked way too many hours at my job to make sure I demonstrated the highest quality work possible.  Basically, I was strung out from the time I got up until the time I crashed at night.


I found myself worrying, a lot.  My financial income never seemed to increase very much.  I never had enough time to be with my family, or have  time for myself for that matter.  Just when I thought I was on the top of the world, living the dream, I had this incredible epiphany:  I was trapped in a system that owned me.  I couldn't breathe.


So when the idea of becoming a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA crossed my path, I decided to check it out.   What I found was "a business in a box".  So much of the work was already done for me.   I didn't have to do product research, market analysis,   or create the business tools to share the products.    There wasn't a  franchise fee, no insurance required  and no rent payment for a brick and mortar building. 


And then I discovered what I would gain:  I would have 'time freedom'.  I would decide the  hours I worked,  and I would not have to report to anyone when I needed time off.   I could work not only from home, but from anywhere I travelled to.  The other huge benefit was my earning potential was unlimited.  I could make as much as I was willing to work towards.   The Federal Government was not in control of my pay raise each year.


All I needed to do was go on a hunt to find  women and men, just like me, who were  intelligent and hardworking and understood the value in this model.  Together, we would build an incredible team of leaders and set out to change the world, one oil at a time. 


So, today, I am still a professional, hard working, successful woman.  The difference is, I am happy.  I no longer trade dollars for hours.  I set my schedule.  I don't lay in bed at night regretting the "events" I missed because I was at work.  As most things do in my life, it comes to  that one word, "Choice".    I found a way to empower myself to be the best me I can be and have a choice in what I do. Now THAT is liberating!


To learn more about the networking model and doTERRA, check out my website.



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